Lead Generating Articles targeting Expats


Research has shown that expats regularly search online before making a final decision on a product purchase or service, the internet is awash with active forms and blogs with active expat users returning to share information, reviews on local products or services. Some companies over promote on these sites and end up being banned by the administrators, other simply dont have the resources or knowledge to engage with these online communities.

Editorials and Press Releases are the perfect tool to get your company infront of these users. They have always been some of the most powerful sales tools both offline in magazines and newspapers and online and can ensure that expats searching online become aware of the product or service you provide, or to simply re-enforce their confidence in your company.

Online articles also have ability to prompt  immediate action from the user, weather that be to make a purchase, complete a inquiry form or share with their social network.

Another benefit to publishing quality targeted articles online is that they benefit both your search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy, with the ability to linked, tweeted and spread online via social media platforms linking to and sending traffic direct to your website.


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