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Marketing on China’s microblogs, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.


Weibo translated means microblog and is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter in China. There are 2 major Weibo’s being the Sina weibo and the Tencent Weibo.

There are a number of smaller Weibos such as the Sohu Weibo However the two Weibo’s with the largest user-bases are Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. The Tencent Weibo reached over 150 million users a month before its Sina Weibo rival, which is likely due to its integration with China’s popular Tencent QQ messaging system.

The Chinese Weibo’s become popular after Twitter was blocked in China, Some of the features Weibo shares with Twitter include the possibility of posting 140-character long comments, pictures and videos.

Sina Weibo users includes both Chinese and foreign celebrities, students, businessmen and started with a strong presence in 1st tier cities and expanded its influence across China.

Tencent Weibo began with a larger user base coming from QQ integration from 2nd and 3rd tier cities its losing influence to Sina Weibo and Tencent’s WeChat platform.

Project Management


The internet is a fast and ever-changing medium that requires a variety of resources working together to successfully manage and execute an online marketing strategy in Asia, China or Japan.

Often times businesses do not have the in-house knowledge and skill strength to manage a truly integrated and total online marketing program either in Asia or across multiple countries.

Asia SEO has built a service around recognizing the needs companies have for a total managed online marketing program. We work with clients to understand their needs and goals in terms of their online marketing strategy, and then build a team around this strategy to fully manage their programs on all levels. It’s a 360 degree approach and management process to our clients online marketing program.

Total Managed Program Service Package
As a managed service, our dedicated team will meet with you to determine the level of engagement you would like to pursue with your online marketing program in Asia. Based on your engagement level and program activities, whether it’s SEM, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Media Planning & Strategy, or general Consulting, we will then build a team of specialists within these areas to execute the given strategy. This team would be lead by a dedicated Account Manager who will oversea this process to ensure the level of service is of utmost quality.

Asia Localization


As part of its suite of services, Asia SEO offers a full service web design and production capability to support your businesses online marketing strategy.

Our team of designers and usability experts help companies create a visual online identity with a focus on driving growth through results.

As with other countries Asia has it’s own unique characteristics and cultural inuendos that set it a part from other markets. We help businesses better understand these differences and help them create visual programs that bridge these gaps so that their identity truly resonates with the local audience.

Collectively, we have over 30 years of design experience to support businesses in their online strategies. Additionally, our network expands beyond Asia, where we can offer best of breed creative and design services for a variety of other countries in the Pan-Asian region.

Site Analysis & Usability Design
One of the most important areas we stress with clients is the use of good usability within their website. Usability, the ability for users to easily navigate and find what they’re looking for, is one of the fundamental building blocks towards your online success. At Click Asia, we work with businesses in analyzing their existing program and developing clear and actionable strategies for improving usability and increasing conversions for local markets.

Web Design & Creative Production
Asia SEO provides complete web design and creative production services. From banner ads to entire site designs, from landing pages to flash and mobile packages, we manage and deliver a variety of creative solutions for businesses small and large. Additionally, we work with companies to develop their copy and messaging strategy across countries, through our active network of supporting copywriters.

Website Localization
We work with a variety of overseas clients from the U.S., Europe, and other areas who are looking to enter the China and Japan markets and need to localize their websites. Our team of local designers knows what it takes to succeed online in Asia. Design sensibilities, language, and visual preferences are all very different in Asia and our team understands this audience and can translate a creative strategy into a visual identity that fits with specific localities.

Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your results in Asia

Lead Generating Articles targeting Expats


Research has shown that expats regularly search online before making a final decision on a product purchase or service, the internet is awash with active forms and blogs with active expat users returning to share information, reviews on local products or services. Some companies over promote on these sites and end up being banned by the administrators, other simply dont have the resources or knowledge to engage with these online communities.

Editorials and Press Releases are the perfect tool to get your company infront of these users. They have always been some of the most powerful sales tools both offline in magazines and newspapers and online and can ensure that expats searching online become aware of the product or service you provide, or to simply re-enforce their confidence in your company.

Online articles also have ability to prompt  immediate action from the user, weather that be to make a purchase, complete a inquiry form or share with their social network.

Another benefit to publishing quality targeted articles online is that they benefit both your search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy, with the ability to linked, tweeted and spread online via social media platforms linking to and sending traffic direct to your website.

China Market Entry


Implementing online marketing programs in China can be extremely lucrative, but mined with all sorts of pitfalls.

With dramatic variations in culture, language, market maturity and the types of online channels and players available in each country; navigating China online marketing successfully, is a significant challenge for any company.

Having helped many clients to successfully overcome similar factors in China, We are well placed to help customers centrally implement at a Pan-Asian level. As a company we have invested considerable time in understanding the challenges and quirks of search and online marketing in each of the respective major Asian markets; China, Japan, Korea & SE Asia.

In the process, we have established a strong network of ‘best of breed’ partners in each market and this, combined with our practical, hands on experience, allows us to confidently provide centrally managed approaches to delivering search (SEO & PPC), affiliate and other online marketing programs throughout the region.

At an China regional level we offer:

  • – Research & understanding of what works online in China.
  • – Best of Breed, alliance partners in each of the major markets.
  • – An experienced, multi-lingual team.
  • – Proven experience, managing multi-market Asian campaigns & search marketing programs.
  • – Regional investment & expansion vision.

What is SEO ?


Search Engine Optimization’s mission is to achieve Click ranking from search engine’s natural search result page (SERP). As mentioned, it is the intersection of the science and art of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Technically speaking, programming the site to gain utmost visibility to search engines is only the tip of the iceberg, from the world of computer languages and scripts, a programmer can always write accordingly to technical specifications, however, in order to balance the artistic aspect of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) whereby web users behavior on keywords usage are correctly identified and positioned is no easy task or quick and dirty way to achieve. The ultimate goal of achieving excellent ranking from natural search result pages (SERP) relies upon a professional step-by-step approach.

From ground zero, one has to understand very few sites in this world could achieve top 10 rankings with every single major search engine and directory, it is however not mission impossible to get there with a mix of carefully planned strategies. In addition, URL ranking results changes week by week due to competition, so even you have optimized the site in the past does not mean maintenance is unnecessary, it is not once and for all project. Top ranking result requires constant monitoring and further research on keywords and content update, therefore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts never stop to rest on competition.

Asia SEO works over a strategic process to help our clients to achieve their online marketing objectives:

Customer Brief

Customer provides company related information including URL, keyword or key phrases, competitive environment, etc. Asia SEO will base on the information provide by customer to research and analysis then provide the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan.

Keyword research and analysis

Asia SEO starts analyzing the web pages, consumers frequent used language, keyword usage rate, competitors’ ranking,etc.

Web Page re-editing recommendation

Asia SEO conducts the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes including the addition of keywords / key phrases, META Tag, URL links, site map, etc.

HTML Coding

Asia SEO  continues the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process by crystallizing meta tag, title tag and description tags, etc.

Search Engine / Directory Submission

Asia SEO  will help you to submit the web site to Yahoo, Google, MSN, and other popular country/language specific search engines.

Detailed Customized Report

Asia SEO  provides monthly detailed and customized report, allowing the company proactively monitoring and evaluating the ROI of their online marketing investments.

Ongoing Maintenance

Asia SEO  will regularly monitor the keyword trends and competitors’ ranking and provide next step recommendations to the clients.

China market entry through a “virtual” online presence in China.


As doing business online in China has matured, it has become more acceptable not to have a physical office within the same country as your customers.

By establishing a virtual online presence, you are instantly ready for business, bypassing timely processes involved in opening a local office.

A Virtual presence should be considered when initially entering and analyzing your new target market.

Ecommerce companies established in Hong Kong with a virtual presences in other Asian countries such as Mainland China, Japan and Singapore maybe be eligible for Hong Kong’s profits tax exemption to offshore funds provided that they meet the specific conditions.

Remember to ensure you register all trademarks and patents and are trading legally to avoid issues which could restrict future growth plans.

Pay for Placement (PFP) / Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


Measurable ROI via keyword/keyword phrases strategies

Pay for placement(PFP) is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), a technique of achieving fast impact under the arena of online marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC) allows you to effectively work around with your predetermined online marketing budget; you will only require paying a fee when web users click through the sponsor results/links to the reach your websites.

It works similar to a bidding system whereby each keyword placed with the search engine, the higher bid price you are willing to pay as a fee will result in higher search engine ranking for your website. Pay Per Click (PPC) has become a vehicle to obtain high visibility from search engine and thus costing more as reflected from increasing demand over certain popular keywords. It is this reason that you would need a professional online marketing team to develop Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy by carefully researching on keyword trends and how to structure key phrases to achieve optimal cost benefits.

Important Aspects in Writing SEO Articles to consider when outsourcing article writing


If the website has powerful images, be it moving or stationary, it helps in attracting users to stay longer on the page. Also, if the content is riveting and unique, it will definitely engage the reader. This is one of your goals in hiring a professional SEO company who can make your website visible in search engines. Writing SEO articles ensures that your website is catalogued by major search engines. This will make it easier for potential customers to find your website by just using specific keywords in your content.

There are three types of content writing. These are SEO content writing, regular articles and web content writing. The two most important aspects in writing SEO articles are utility and uniqueness. In order for you to promote your business you need to hire an SEO company to do it for you. These people have the skills and knowledge in providing you articles optimized for your target keywords. This will give your website a high ranking and tremendous exposure to you potential customers around the world. If the articles were written poorly, there is a possibility that the search engine will ban the articles.

In other words, your article will be gone in nowhere. Of course, you do not want this to happen so make sure that you know what you are doing and follow the guidelines. When you get the service of an SEO writer, you are assured that your website are in good hands and it will allow you to manage the other aspects of your business. SEO articles are a very strong tool accompanied with the effective SEO strategies such as article submissions, web content writing, link building, blog articles, newsletters, press releases, eBooks, marketing collaterals, classifieds, social media posts ad forums.

The keywords should be properly inserted in the article so that your website will be effortlessly promoted. In order for your business to be recognized and obtain high ranking, you need to advertise your services and products through your website and through high quality online writing. If you hire the services of excellent SEO writers, you are confident they can provide you high quality SEO articles that will improve your ranking in search engines. The keyword is the heart of content writing and if you’re aiming for a high ranking in search engines, keywords are very useful. Creating quality content articles is a very effective tool in giving information about your website.

Why link exchanges are not always good for your site


Maybe this is the time to make some rants and also an advice of all webmasters doing link exchanges. Link exchanges are good in terms of gaining inbound link to your site for search engine visibility. But on the other hand of the globe, that is not always the case. There are reasons why I have created this post, because I myself have done this few times but then turned down some sites especially who does not keep their word on link exchange code.

Let’s site some examples or scenarios here on why it doesn’t always work the way you want it.

1. You are only benefited on a short term. Why, your link is being removed on their site after doing the link exchange. After few days or weeks, your site where you are supposed to get link into was removed.

2. In relation to item number 1, your link becomes no follow after few days or weeks. Avoiding that google PR juice.

3. If it pass for few weeks or months of exchanging links, check for few more months and it will be gone.

4. The domain you just exchange expired.

5. The site your just exchanged has been suspended or similar cases like parked.

6. Sites you have exchanged with becomes a redirect. Meaning having new url that is not directly pointing to your sites either using javascript or other scripts.

7. The domain is banned from search engine.

Now with the scenario above, I just would like to give you some advice before doing link exchanges. Here are few of them.

1. Create a simple database or excel sheet where your record of link exchanges. Simple word, have a record of the exchanges. What is your site, where is your site located, what is their site, and where is it located, duration of exchange or terms of exchange, the date when the exchange happen and where it happened, like forum post etc.

2. Check whois information of the domain, indexed pages (if it is site wide), pagerank if it is part of the exchange. In this way you will know if the domain you are exchanging with is not banned by search engines or the site itself is not allowing search engine to index them.

3. In view on the above, please be clear about the exchange, are you exchanging on traffic or on pagerank? It does mean that you don’t care about the PR of the site as long as it has tons of traffic. By the way, Traffic pays better than PR (though you can react to me on this). This also mean, that if the exchange is in terms of traffic, you can ignore even if it is no-follow or redirect.

4. Check your site frequently or on schedule base on your recorded data of exchange at item 1.

5. Check not just your site is there but also check if it turns down to no follow or redirect.

6. If you are changing your site or doing renovation, be sure to contact the person whom you exchange link with. In this case, he or she will not assume that you are a link scammer.

7. If you found your site, that is not on their site, email the person that you are about to remove also their link on their site in reference to your exchange data recorded on item 1.

These are just simple advice but in anyway can help you, your site and the person you are exchanging to have a common understanding on the exchange. Why I write this because this had happened to me when I check the links on my sites. Link exchange is a mutual process or can be beneficial if both parties are abiding the rules, was it?

Better to avoid reciprocal linking. If you are doing only reciprocal linking for your website, then it definitely harm your website. Google always likes a mixture of back links.

Since the evolution of Link Exchange, this has been a serious topic of discussion among webmasters that whether swapping of links is beneficial or not. Let’s take a close look at Link Swapping . Starting from the very beginning in the mid 1990s webmasters and content writers began optimizing their sites for search engines. Initially the webmaster just provided information such as meta tags, and later on different SEO techniques started being used including black hat and white hat SEO techniques