China Ecommerce – Selling to Chinese online shoppers

By translating your website to Chinese and obtaining a payment processor that supports China payments, you could dramatically increase your online sales by entering the Chinese marketplace and taking advantage of Chinas huge economic growth without even going to China.

A number of high profile brands have recently launched online shops in China, Gap and Emporio Armani are just two of the brands taking advantage of world’s second-largest market for luxury brands with an apparent more than two-thirds of Chinese shoppers ‘addicted’ to buying online.

E commerce in China is booming, with Taobao launching numerous shopping portals and venture capital funded start-ups hitting the headlines regularly. recently raised US$20 million from Sequoia Capital a Silicon Valley venture capital firms and China’s largest e-commerce website raised US$500 million of funding from various investors.

The potential of E commerce in China is very clear with currently 210 million netizens and 55 million who have been intent in online shopping.

Chinese are not only buying from Chinese or China based websites. Many Chinese shoppers are buying online from the U.K. and the U.S. Many E-commerce sites have arranged logistics to ensure reasonable shipping cost to China or even free.

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