China Market Entry

Implementing online marketing programs in China can be extremely lucrative, but mined with all sorts of pitfalls.

With dramatic variations in culture, language, market maturity and the types of online channels and players available in each country; navigating China online marketing successfully, is a significant challenge for any company.

Having helped many clients to successfully overcome similar factors in China, We are well placed to help customers centrally implement at a Pan-Asian level. As a company we have invested considerable time in understanding the challenges and quirks of search and online marketing in each of the respective major Asian markets; China, Japan, Korea & SE Asia.

In the process, we have established a strong network of ‘best of breed’ partners in each market and this, combined with our practical, hands on experience, allows us to confidently provide centrally managed approaches to delivering search (SEO & PPC), affiliate and other online marketing programs throughout the region.

At an China regional level we offer:

  • – Research & understanding of what works online in China.
  • – Best of Breed, alliance partners in each of the major markets.
  • – An experienced, multi-lingual team.
  • – Proven experience, managing multi-market Asian campaigns & search marketing programs.
  • – Regional investment & expansion vision.

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