Chinese SEO for Baidu

Our team can help improve your Chinese search engine rankings. We’ll endeavour to have your site appear as near to the top of the first page relevant to the chosen key word phrases as possible.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the building, modification and promotion of a website to improve its search engine rankings. The most popular Chinese search engine is Baidu and with around 80% of the market share, when it comes to using search engines in China, it is important that a site ranks well on it.

Here at Asia SEO we take Chinese SEO very seriously. We never promise a client that they will be Number 1 on Baidu, and any company that does so should be treated with extreme caution, especially when these promises include very short time frames.

We do, however, advise our clients that through keyword analysis, intelligent site modifications and Chinese search engine submission, we should be able to improve their position.

In fact, we have managed to obtain that hallowed number one position on Baidu for quite a few of our clients for their selected key phrases.

Chinese SEO

China currently has a internet population of around 500 million active internet users, which in comparison to the population to China is relatively small, below 50%. The Chinese online population is set to sore in the next few years, steadily increasing at around 10 million people each month. China will soon become the largest online market in the world.

Many international companies have been marketing in China for a number of years, and now China is becoming a target market for many small and medium sized western companies.

An effective first step into the Chinese market and reaching Chinese customers is to have a Chinese language website that can be promoted though search engine marketing and other online marketing methods.

Having a Chinese language website and utilizing the power search engine marketing is one of the fastest ways of reaching and testing the Chinese market with minimal investment.

Unfortunately Google recently stopped operating in China, now users from China who wish to use Google are re-directed to Google Hong Kong.

80% of Mainland Chinese search engine users use Baidu for searching. Marketing on Baidu can be done similarly as commonly done with Google though Search Engine Optimiation and PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising.

Implementing online marketing programs in China can be extremely lucrative, but mined with all sorts of pitfalls.

With dramatic variations in culture, language, market maturity and the types of online channels and players available; navigating the Chinese online marketing successfully, is a significant challenge for any company.

Having helped many clients to successfully overcome similar factors in China, We are well placed to help customers centrally implement online marketing in China.  As a company we have invested considerable time in understanding the challenges and quirks of search and online marketing in China.

In the process, we have established a strong network of Chinese SEO partners, combined with our practical, hands on experience, allows us to confidently provide centrally managed approaches to delivering Chinese SEO and other online marketing programs in China.

At an Chinese regional level we offer:

  • – Research & understanding of what works online in China.
  • – Chinese alliance partners in each of the major markets.
  • – An experienced, multi-lingual team.
  • – Proven experience, managing multi-market Chinese SEO campaigns.

Chinese Baidu Pay Per Click Management
Take advantage of our Chinese Baidu PPC Management services and discover how we can increase your return on investment and conversion rate.

Chinese Baidu Search Engine Optimisation
Consistantly delivering first page results on Baidu, our Chinese SEO packages combined with ethical link building and content creation guarantee results and increase Chinese search traffic.

Chinese Multilingual Search Marketing
Target the world with a multilingual search marketing campaign, We can translate your website and marketing campaign in over 100 languages, specializing in English, Chinese and Japanese search marketing.

Chinese Social Media & Online PR Services
We can utilize popular Chinese social media sites such as facebook, twitter and youtube to increase your sites traffic, sales, and optimize your ROI. Develop a social media strategy with us and leverage social media to benefit your business.

Chinese Analytics and Tracking Services
Use Web Analytics to track and analyze your Chinese web traffic statistics. By tracking users and their actions we can increase your conversion rates and sales by focusing on what really works.

Chinese Conversion Optimisation Services
By running multivariate tests your site we can discover what onsite changes need to be made to maximise enquiries and sales. Now you can see how customers really use your site.

Chinese Affiliate Marketing Management
Let others work for you and only pay for results, By using the power of Chinese affiliate marketing you can now expand your ales team beyond your usual sales channels to generate sales.

We will work with Chinese affiliate networks to ensure your affiliate program is implemented successfully.

Chinese Online Media Planning Services
Plan for success ! Though research and study of your target market we will develop a digital marketing plan focused on reaching your potential customers in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

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