Content Creation for SEO

Content is king has forever been a popular phrase used in the SEO world and has traditionally meant the creation of text content in the forms of pages and articles posted on a website.

Content is king and content creation for SEO today has expanded beyond text content into new media forms that are indexed and analyzed by the search engines, these new types of content that can be used to improve a sites SEO ranking include video content, high quality images and infographics.

Google now also likes to differentiate the different types of text content, be it a blog post, product review, academic report or technical information.

All forms new media and content created for your website should include additional meta data to assist the search engines ability to index the content.

Our team is able to create various forms of content that the search engines and your customers will love.

Regular content updates for SEO

Google and other search engines will crawl your website in search of new content to index in the search engines, the more often they find new content when they crawl your website, the more frequent they will return in search of more.

Regular and consistent quality content updates are an important ranking factor, Our content updates will keep the search engine crawlers happy and coming back looking for more.

We’ll build sitemaps for each type of content for the search engines to follow to find new content published on your website.

Content formatting and presentation for SEO

Great content can be created, but if that content is not published and presented on the website in a way that allows real users and search engines to find and consume, it cannot fulfill its full potential.

We will format, present and publish content on your website so that both real life users and search engines can easily find and consume the content efficiently, thus giving your websites SEO rankings a boost.

This includes taking full advantage of title tags, rich snippets, meta data and ensuring the content loads quickly for both desktop and mobile users.

Google has created the Google search console which when connected to your website will provide reports on how well your website and its various forms of content are being indexed and found. We can study the reports provided by the Google search console to make further improvements and get new ideas for new types and topics for content to be created.

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