Hong Kong Local SEO Guide

Hong Kong Local SEO

Get Google Local Listings and First Page Rankings on Google Hong Kong !

Last year Hong Kong was ranked #4 in the ease of doing business index, the region also ranks highly in a number of other league’s, such as being one of the most competitive economies, one of the most expensive places to live and also one of the most density populated places in the world.

Hong Kong is a very multi cultural place where both English and Chinese language is used widely in daily life and business. Everything moves quickly, that includes searches, sales and transactions. When people in Hong Kong are searching “on demand” they are doing so with intent and it certainly pays to be first on Google at that time.

Google searches in Hong Kong often generate results displaying local listings of local businesses, restaurants, shops and service providers. Having a visible local Google listing is a must for any local Hong Kong business.

How do you get started with local Hong Kong SEO ?

Register a .HK Hong Kong Domain Name.

If you are a local Hong Kong business and just getting started, nothing tells Google you are local more than having a .HK domain name.

Anyone can register a .HK domain name both local and overseas individuals and entities.

Don’t worry if you are already using a .com or other domain name, there are other things we can do to let Google know you are local to Hong Kong and achieve first page local listings and search rankings.

Hosting Your Website in Hong Kong.

The location of your web server or hosting account used to be a factor for local SEO rankings, however today most websites use services such as Cloudflare to hide and protect the actual server IP address and location from hackers or malicious attacks.

For speed and convenience we recommend hosting your website on the cloud with a cloud hosting service provider such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean or the Google Cloud Platform. These hosting providers have server locations in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Taiwan.

Create a Hong Kong Local Business profile.

Here you can create your Google local business listing https://www.google.com/business/

Google will send a verification postcard to the address associated with your business listing. Try to avoid using a virtual office or serviced office address as this may affect the quality score of your listing.

It’s important to add as much verifiable information as possible to your local listing to show Google you represent a real business that interacts with with customers.

Getting some reviews on your local listing from your clients and customers who are located in Hong Kong will be a positive signal to Google that your listing represents a real business in Hong Kong.

Another beneficial step would be to get your company and website listed in a Hong Kong business directory or online database such as a local chamber of commerce or a Hong Kong business association website.

On Page Content for Hong Kong Local SEO

Ensure your website has a clearly displayed +852 Hong Kong phone number and Hong Kong office address in both English and Chinese language.

On your contact page embed a Google map to your Hong Kong business location.

In an ideal scenario your website should be accessible in both English and Chinese, either simplified or traditional Chinese characters. We recommend having each language accessible under a dedicated sub-domain.