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Pattaya SEO Services for International Visitors

International SEO in Pattaya

The popular destination of Pattaya receives millions of search queries every month from around the world. Many of these searches are performed by international visitors often performing searches related to the destination Pattaya up to 12 months prior arrival and making on average between 100 – 200 search queries per visit.The majority of Pattaya search queries are related to hotels and resorts, property for sale and rent, tourist attractions, restaurants and increasing medical tourism. These search trends continue to be similar in nearby Jomtien town and Rayong province.

Industry Benefits of SEO in Pattaya

We see the main industries that can benefit from having a strong SEO strategy in Pattaya are:

Travel and Tourism

For hotels, travel and tourism operators by having a strong SEO strategy can increase direct bookings, and reduce the reliance on booking aggregator sites.

SEO opportunities in Pattaya

As with most international tourist destinations we feel that the first opportunity to be seized is to ensure that your SEO strategy and overall online presence implements the use of multiple languages.

How we can help!

We own and operate a number of Pattaya focused websites for various industries such as real estate, insurance, travel and tourism and more. If your industry is a match with one of the websites we already own and operate. We can leverage those resources and our experience into helping your business achieve tangible results online.

3 thoughts on “Pattaya SEO Services for International Visitors”

  1. As a property broker based in Pattaya, we certainly agree that it has become increasingly important to have our website and marketing materials available in a magnitude of different languages, especially Chinese and German has helped us increase sales.

    Over the last 24 months most of our new customers have been non-native English speakers, with the majority coming from other Asian countries or Northern European counties.

  2. We noticed with our own hotels and restaurants in Pattaya that the websites get web visitors and receive messages up to 8 months before the visitors actually arrive, even during Covid our website gets visitors from around the world who are planning to travel back to Pattaya in the future.

  3. Pattaya is a unique city whereby people come and go on a daily basis and it becomes very hard for small businesses to build a brand and reputation. As a business owner in Pattaya we must rely on always connecting with new customers and ideally connecting with them before they actually arrive in Pattaya. The only way we have been able to do with is with SEO.


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