Search Engine Optimization

Audit & Usability Assessment
Your company’s website might suffer from a number of common traps. The lower than expected sales leads through your site might involve more simple causes than just the amount of traffic that rolls through it daily. Asia SEO will analyze your site, asses its weak points and indicate solutions to them. Sometimes even the simplest of usability treatments can make a 10%+ change to your sales, leads or other key metrics.

Keyword Planning & Content Strategy
At the heart of any successful search engine marketing campaign is keyword analysis. Through thorough keyword analysis, Asia SEO looks to analyze the most important terms and phrases that users are currently using to find and to buy from your business. The proper selection of keywords will strategically set your whole SEO effort on the right track. Once the target keywords have been identified your site must set the correct strategy for its content in order to get the most out of the SEO treatment. Customizing the content of your site rarely involves drastic changes. Often properly placed keywords within your copy, small modifications or additions may have a profound effect on your website’s traffic.

SEO Roadmap Development
Just like each website is different so are the goals of the businesses that own them. For some, the number of sales generated represents the benchmark figure. For others what matters is building their brand recognition in a new market. Their SEO approach and strategy will subsequently differ. Asia SEO understands these differences and unlike most other companies, does not offer a copy and paste solution. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and then come up with a customized and unique set of steps to achieve them.

Reporting & Analysis
Reporting and analysis are fundamental parts of good SEO. Business decisions need to be based on real and accurate data rather than guess work. As a marketer, it is essential to know the activities and behaviors of your users: where they came from and what they did when they got there. It is from this data that that Asia SEO can pull meaningful patterns and conclusions that will ultimately dictate any changes in your advertising campaign or SEO efforts.

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