Selling to Rich and Wealthy Chinese Investors Online

China is becoming both the world’s biggest Internet market and the world’s largest luxury goods market with over 200 million Internet users a number quickly growing every year.

Luxury goods sales in mainland China are planned to increase by a further 25% this year, property price increases have been a factor contributing to wealth of many newly rich Chinese.

We are seeing many wealthy Chinese investors looking overseas to purchase investment properties and holiday homes.

So how to get these Wealthy Chinese Investors ?

If you are serious about finding Chinese Investors, one starting point could be to develop a Chinese website or simply translate your current website into Chinese, get it listed in Baidu (the Chinese search engine) and run some Chinese advertisements.

The benefits of running an internet marketing campaign are huge, you can quickly update and modify products or properties, get a understanding of the demand for your products or properties without too much expense.

Build mailing lists of your Chinese buyers, keep them regularly updated with your new products or properties and perhaps invite them to future product launches or property shows.

If you would like to discover more about how to can use the internet to reach Chinese buyers or Chinese Investors and how Asia SEO can help, please contact us.

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  1. Hello, I have a commercial unit and a 3 bed villa for rent/sale in Costa Blanca, Spain. As this area is very popular with the Chinese, I would be interested in Advertising in China. I would be grateful for any advice you could offer.



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