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Asia SEO was founded by a group of online marketing experts and search engine marketing consulting specialist in 2002, it is the premium quality Search Engine Marketing Firm that you can trust upon for your online marketing endeavors in Asia.

Our mission is to bring measurable ROI and greater profitability for your Asia online marketing projects right at your doorsteps by enhancing your website visibility, increasing overall online marketing reach, improving your brand equity, etc. Our philosophy is to build long-term business partnership via better understanding and communications, customized approach that fits your personalized requirements. It is our priority to serve you in such a way that you and your company will not have to tolerate a “Me-Too” methodology for online marketing campaigns and thus enabling your company to leapfrog your competitors in this ever-changing Internet Business landscape

Our Achieve Sustainable E-commerce Objectives (A-SEO) Process distinguished us from the rest of players in the market. As professional search engine marketing consulting specialist, we master the art and science of search engine marketing (SEM), Science being the technical algorithms and programming of web languages for search engines and Art being Web Users Behaviors and colloquial language mix. We are here to serve your online marketing needs:

  • Increased Web Site Traffic: To attract more qualified traffic to your corporate website, divisional or event web pages.
  • Leads Generation: Improve your lead generation and conversion path;
  • Measurable ROI: Customized reports to review and measure ROI;
  • Multilingual Operation: Know how of multilingual keyword search patterns;
  • Experienced search engine marketing consulting specialist: Understanding of worldwide, regional and country-specific search engine practices;
  • Searching Engine Marketing (SEM) Know How: Continuous research of online marketing and search engine marketing trends.

With Asia SEO\\\’s systematic and professional approach, we have been engaged in providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to industry-leading brands ranging from consumer goods to B2B enterprises, travel to financial services. In addition, we have also established close working relationship with interactive media and advertising agency to provide ¡§All-in-one¡¨ search engine marketing solutions for their customers.

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Why Invest in SEO for your Business?

SEO simply drives targeted traffic, generates leads and sales and continues to have the highest ROI when it comes to Internet Marketing. This is why SEO is the single most popular choice among companies with a strong internet presence.

Not only are its effects long lasting (whereas advertising stops the second you stop paying), it is uniquely targeted and has a high-relevance value associated with it for the user. Hence, a properly optimized site reaps the benefits long after the project has actually concluded. A high position in the search engines translates into more visitors, which translate into wider brand awareness, leads, or / and sales.

A proper SEO effort can accomplish all of these goals. International Search Engine Optimization is Asia SEO\\\\’s core service.

With strategic partners across Asia and a thorough understanding, of the Asian markets, we are uniquely positioned to provide SEO solutions for international companies and those that are making their move towards Asia.

Why SEO in Asia ?

Asia is home to the largest and fastest growing internet population, with one billion more internet users than Europe, the Asian markets present lucrative opportunities for huge business growth.

Studies have shown that 75%-95% of all first time visitors to a website arrive via a search engines, and over 85% online sales are generated from search engines.

If you want to expand your market share, improve brand equity, optimize your investment with measurable ROI, and boost your online lead generation and sales revenue, You are just one click away from increasing exposure and visibility on the major search engines for maximum return of investment.