Chinese SEO for Baidu and Ranking in Baidu guide

Chinese SEO compliancy for China’s leading search engine Baidu are different to those of Google, Yahoo and MSN. As you might have read in the media about google exiting the China market due to a number of political and technological conflicts with the Chinese government and competitors.

When google left China it allowed Baidu to continue dominating the chinese search engine market, although there is a number of local chinese competitors, Baidu still holds the majority of market share.

Search engine queries have long been the largest source of traffic to most websites on the internet which is why the search engine optimization industry has taken off creating a industry of search engine optimization experts.

SEO experts who have not yet worked with Baidu might assume that Baidu’s algorithm works the same as Google’s and Yahoo’s, however this is quite far from being true.

How is Baidu’s algorithm different to Google’s ?

Internet Censorship
Baidu works extremely close with the Chinese government to do everything possible to ensure that sensitive and innaproprate content cannot be found within its search results. If you wish to get your site listed in Baidu’s results then you should ensure that your website is without Adult Content, Pornography or any keywords that might be sensitive with the Chinese government.

Backlinks for Baidu
When link building for Google SEO purposes incoming anchor text links are very important as it the relevancy of the website providing the back link. Unfortunately Baidu does not yet take the same approach to the backlink’s authority or relevancy which leads to a case of quantity over quality which leads to alot of blackhat seo techniques being used.

Chinese language content
Baidu is a Chinese search engine, so its no surpprise that it favours Chinese language content over English, simplified Chinese characters should also be used rather than traditional Chinese characters. Baidu does allow English language websites to be indexed in its results, however the majority of Baidu search queries are Chinese.

Content translation to Chinese for Baidu
If you would like to translate your website to Chinese for Baidu SEO then you have a number of options. The first being the most accurate and recommended would be to hire a professional translator. – Within our team we have a number of professional content translators.

The second option would be to use a automated translation tool which will get your site listed in Baidu and Google for its Chinese content if configured correctly, however the accuracy of the translation will not be perfect and its not recommended if your content is technical or specific.

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