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The purpose of Japanese SEO articles is to bring Japanese traffic into websites that is why experts in Japanese SEO writing are very in demand nowadays. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not easy to do and it should not be done by just anyone. It should be done only by SEO writers who are knowledgeable in this field. Since many people are trying their best in learning on how to write an effective SEO article, listed below are the factors that a writer must consider in writing an effective SEO article.

1. Choose the right Japanese keywords – The writer should just not pick any keyword of his/her choice. The writer must use words or phrases that sum up the whole content of the article that he/she is writing. The writer must use words that most Japanese internet users will likely type on the search engine boxes if they are searching for certain information.

2. Know frequency and proper placement of keywords – This will greatly affect the website’s ranking in search engines. The writer should not just insert the Japanese keyword in the article because that was what he was asked to do. The writer must know the proper placement of it in order for the website to get positive results. Also, the use of a single word as a keyword should be avoided since it will not give any help. These are called as general keywords that do not generate Japanese traffic to the website.

3. Have optimized Japanese headings – Japanese SEO writers are aware that the search engine is looking at the headings and the subheadings of an article when ranking a website. In order to do it, the writer must include at least one keyword phrase.

4. Use Japanese keywords in the first and last paragraphs of each article – Another way for the search engine to rank a website are through the keywords that are mentioned in the first and last paragraph of an article. It will catch the search engine’s interest and also of the readers.

5. Keep the article short yet precise – Search engines do not like rambling, long articles. Articles should only between 300-700 words and must focus only in a single topic.

6. Do not plagiarize – Plagiarism is a crime in Japan so if you think that you’ll not get caught in copying and pasting articles on the web, think again. An effective SEO writer must know that unique and fresh articles are very important. Copying someone else’s work will just put the writer in trouble.

These are just some of the helpful tips for you to become an Japanese SEO writer. Follow these tips religiously and you’ll make yourself an effective SEO writer in no time.

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