The Art of Generating New Business Leads Online in Hong Kong

Lead Generation is that art of generating new qualified customer leads for your business or service. Our Hong Kong lead generation services range from generating enquires capturing customer information through to nurturing those leads into sales and transactions. 

Creating a consistently flowing pipeline of incoming leads for your business is often the key factor that allows a business grow and ultimately increase it’s revenue and market share.

We are experienced in taking companies without having any incoming leads to having hundreds of leads arriving in their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems daily, this has allowed them to build sales teams and skyrocket revenue.

By focusing on lead generation as your #1 goal for any marketing activities it allows you to clearly calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of each of your marketing campaigns. 

Armed with this information you can then make calculated and educated decisions on which areas of marketing is your money best spent and cancel any marketing campaigns that do not have a positive ROI.

One of the benefits of generating leads for a local Hong Kong business is that the leads often have a high intent, financial means and accessibility to your business. The lead to sale process flow in Hong Kong often seems seamless when compared with other countries or cities.

Investing in lead generation campaigns and sales processes should be considered as an asset building exercise and not simply treated as a marketing expense without creating value.

Most companies can reap the benefits of lead generation, but especially industries such as real estate companies who need to investors and property buyers.

Insurance companies who need new prospects for insurance policies.
Gyms and fitness clubs who need new members.
Banks and credit companies who need new savers and borrowers.
Financial services and investment companies who need new investor leads.
Travel and tourism companies who need new tourist leads.

Hong Kong citizens and visitors to the city are constantly searching online for products and services, most of these searches start with a Google query and come with a very high intent to make a purchase, booking or enquiry.

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a fast pace moving city where people are busy and when performing a Google search for a product or services, quite often they don’t explore beyond the first page of search results. This means if your business, product or service deserves to be considered by these potential new customers, you need to be on the first page of Google to have any change of obtaining the new sales lead, booking or purchase.

Most leads generated in Hong Kong start with Google searches on mobile devices which is why we put strong emphasis on following Google’s mobile first policy.

It is extremely important to have a mobile friendly responsive website with a SSL Certificate installed to have any chance of appearing on the first page of Google for the intent of lead generation and if you have a business with a physical location then a Google My Business listing is vital.

Although English and Chinese are main languages used in Hong Kong, We must remember that Hong Kong is also one of the most International cities in the world with plenty of Google searches in other languages too.

Google Adwords PPC for Lead Generation

For competitive industries that require an aggressive lead generation strategy to ensure new leads are generated daily a combination of organic SEO and Google Ads is highly recommended.

It’s important that when engaging in a Google Ads campaign for a competitive industry such as insurance, real estate or financial services that every dollar is accounted for and every click is tracked. This needs to be done to accurately calculate the ROI.

Quite often we see companies running Google Ad campaigns without any tracking or accounting and quickly make the assumption that Google Ads are too expensive and give up on one of the most powerful advertising tools on the internet. Our job is to ensure that your Google Ad campaigns are competitive, generate quality lead and have a positive return on investment.